Widows Sons Branding 2018

Widows Sons Scotland organise an annual Branding event for those Chapters interested in getting Branded.  In true Masonic style, not a lot is shared about the event beforehand, but plenty of innuendo and joking was shared in the build-up.

Southern Chapter were well represented this year with seven supporting the weekend event which was held in Duncarron Fort, which is situated to the east of Carron Valley reservoir.  The site lends itself to the event with its historic representation, and scenic views.

I have added some images from the event to give a flavour of what we participants endured, and if you feel it’s something you’d like to be a part of, then do get in touch.

This year the event drew around 130 attendees, of which around 80 were Brandees… Let’s see what next year brings.